Wednesday, 2023-01-11

Specialized clinic to provide mental health services in Al Dhafra Hospitals

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 11 Jan 2023: Al Dhafra Hospitals, operated by Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), the UAE’s largest healthcare network, have begun providing mental health services through specialized clinics at Al Dhafra Family Medicine Center in Madinat Zayed and Ghayathi Hospital. A group of renowned doctors, qualified to deal with various psychological consultations in the Al Dhafra region, will lead the clinic with the aims of providing dedicated care within the mental health sphere. Amongst these doctors, Dr. Amna Khamis Al Mismari, specialist psychiatrist, explained that the provision of mental health services to the residents of Al Dhafra initially began three years ago through the use of telepsychiatry services. In coordination with the Al Maqtaa and Al Zafaranah Health Care Centers, a unique project was developed with the aim of facilitating access to mental health services for patients in the Al Dhafra region. With the success of the project, the decision was made to open a specialized clinic in Al Dhafra Center for consultations and treatment services available to all cases. Dr. Al Mesmari added by saying: “We want to encourage more patients, of all ages, to seek mental health support and treatment. The therapeutic services provided to those who are seeking the treatment are confidential, and the patient’s information is kept under the utmost discretion due to doctor-patient confidentiality.” “The project achieved great success through the patients' acceptance of the psychiatrist's assessment. However, the increasing number of cases we’ve seen confirms the uptake and acceptance of mental health care. We provide mental health services for all cases of adults, adolescents, and children with behavioral and emotional disorders.” The adult mental health services focus, as a specialization, on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of a wide range of psychological and behavioral disorders that affect adults. In addition, therapeutic services to children and adolescents focus on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of developmental disorders and autism, as well as emotional and behavioral problems. The clinic also accommodates the elderly and provides geriatric treatment services, focusing on patterns, causes and effects, medical factors, and social and psychological issues. Dr. Al Mesmari confirmed that amongst the Al Dhafra Hospitals, the Al Dhafra Family Medicine Center includes a range of distinguished medical and treatment services, especially family medicine. To find out more about SEHA’s mental health services, please call 800 50 or visit www.seha.ae/. You can also book an appointment through the SEHA Mobile app or WhatsApp us on 02-4102200.